Welcome to JockerSoft website.

Here you will find several programs more or less useful (well, I hope the former :-) )

On the left side there is the list of programs currently released in English.
More programs are available in the Italian section.

All programs on this site to work need the Microsoft .NET Framework freely downloadable from microsoft.com site or through Windows Update service.

New programs will soon be available: keep this site checked regularly.

Check out these utilities:
CodecInstaller screenshots

CodecInstaller: detects which codecs are installed on your system and suggests the installation of the ones necessary to correctly view a movie. It can also show a detailed analysis of a .avi file and can be used as a 'movie launcher'.

Eyeroller screenshot EyeRoller: make fun of your friends and colleagues: import their face in EyeRoller and see their eyes follow your mouse pointer! The result will be incredibly entertaining. Share the faces you have created with the world and download the best faces other users created for you.

SplitFile: Splits huge files into smaller parts. Highly configurable and 'professional', easy and advanced interface. Probably the best file splitter out here.

JeniuS screenshots JeniuS: an advanced multimedia file organizer. It lets you find quickly your files dividing them into albums automatically generated or through advanced searches or filters. It includes a media player and a batch file renamer.
Startup Delayer Startup Delayer: speed up PC boot optimizing loading time of each program.
Useful also to load several applications with a single click.
  Application Monitor: checks regularly that the critical applications you specified are always running, and restart the ones that crashed.

Tranlators needed:
If you can read english or italian and write in another language and you want to make a translation for one of my programs, please : I will send you the texts to be translated. I'll put your name/nick and website URL in the language selection window.


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