Acknowledgments & Legal

Tranlators needed:
If you can read english or italian and write in another language and you want to make a translation for one of my programs, please

Jenius 1.64:
multimedia file organizer, with a media player and more.
New version!
Several improvements and fixes

Software development
let me know your ideas for new freeware programs, or commission the development of a custom program for you

Special thanks go to who contributed to the project putting time and efforts to create a translation of the program:

Language Translator(s) Status
English English Jocker 2.10
French Français Colok http://www.colok-traductions.com 2.10
German Deutsch Peter Vieweger 2.10
Hungarian Magyar Apptransteam http://apptransteam.extra.hu 2.6
Italian Italiano Jocker 2.10
Polish Polski Tomasz Oruba 2.10
Portuguese (Brazilian) Português Brabol 2.9
Russian Русский Aleksey A. Pershin -
Arcadyi Otdelnov - http://godcat.1000mb.ru (until v2.9)
Spanish Español Rodrigo Merchán C.
Alejandro Cortes (until v2.5)
Swedish Svenska Lennart Pettersson 2.6
Turkish Türkçe Kenan Balamir - http://www.turkceyazilim.net 2.10

If you see that a translation is missing (or is very out of date) and you wish to make a translation for CodecInstaller please

Third party libraries
CodecInstaller's files analysis uses the following great components:
TrID, by Marco Pontello - a program to identify files from their binary signatures
TagLib#, by Brian Nickel - a library to extract meta tags from multimedia files

To access Microsoft DirectShow functionalities, CodecInstaller uses:
DirectShowNet - a DirectShow wrapper for .net framework

DirectShowNet library has been slightly modified. In accordance to the LGPL license, here is the modified source code.


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